TDS conversion to solid waste for landfill disposal or mineral recovery

Desalinators for seawater, salt water desalination and wastewater treatment.

Pond water treatment distillation recovery

Solar desalinators for seawater and salt water desalination zero liquid discharge waste brine

Solar desalination for brackish well water desalination zero liquid discharge waste brine

Salt and mineral recovery

Zero Liquid Discharge is not free and best controlled by combining the Vapco vapor compression system for first phase desalination and SunDragon Salt Factories for salt and constituent recovery.

The current practice of discharging reject brine to the sea is being disputed and challenged by many environmentalists. They claim that reject brine is harmful to the environment and marine life. It is only a matter of time before the environmentalist win.

Ocean disposal of reject brine is also under careful scrutiny by governments world wide as fees and fines mount. Many plants currently discharging to coastal waters are being threatened with closure.


Salt water desalination unit I- rain water
Salt water desalination unit II- irrigation water
Salt water desalination unit III- Ranches
Salt water desalination unit IV- brackish well water
Salt water desalination unit V- farm homes
Salt water desalination unit VI -seawater
Salt water desalination unit VII -water purification
Salt water desalination unit VIII -water recycling systems

Solar salt water desalination purification of stored rain water
Solar seawater desalination for farm homes with brackish well water, irrigation water and rain water
Solar salt water desalination for Ranches with brackish well water, irrigation water and rain water.
Solar desalination Community Water Supplies brackish well water and irrigation water
Solar seawater desalination rural water purification brackish well water and irrigation water
Solar desalination hotels seawater solar stills
Solar desalination brackish well water purification,
Solar water Solar salt water desalination unit V ,
Solar stills industrial water purification,
Solar salt water desalination food processing,
Solar salt water desalination water purification and water recycling systems

Solar desalination using Solar distillation is not a guarantee of water purity. A solar still cannot guarantee pure water. 130 years ago when the solar still or desalinator was invented, the US EPA and a list of; Drinking Water Contaminant Candidate List and Regulatory Determinations was not a factor in drinking water. Today the EPA plays a big role in the drinking water safety standards of the world.

Active operation and preheating heat exchangers are required to produce volume drinking water. Using solar heat exchangers and a solar still for volume seawater desalination is feasible and other methods of water purifying or cleaning may be required. Filtration Pre or post evaporation may be required and calcite treatment can be accomplished using filter housing. SunDragon Solar Stills and heat exchangers are about 50 -200 gpd water distillation. Control of feed water and feed water pretreatment is the key to evaporating large volumes of water .

Solar desalination by means of the traditional solar still will not make enough water. Furthermore claims of purity are oversimplified and the units would not pass scrutiny's of a public water system complying with US EPA drinking water standards.  

Seawater, brackish aquifer water, desalination using solar water purifiers can now be done inexpensively with no energy cost. Green and clean our thermally dynamic solar seawater desalinators work on the beach, in the desert, in the backyards and parking lots of the urban environments of the developing world. Make the clean water from seawater where the water is needed.


Get fresh water. How to make a solar desalination or purification system

E. coli Field Test Kit

Solar Desalination

SunDrgon water purifiers are solar water stills; they make distilled water. Distilled water is not potable water. If the water source has suffered chemical intrusion from industry, agriculture or mining, there maybe be chemicals in the feed water which the evaporative process cannot remove. Therefore, we make no claim whatsoever as to the potability of water produced using our product. Water produced using our equipment should be tested for purity and conformity to existing US (EPA) standards for drinking water quality. Distilled water is not popular for bottled drinking water

Water from saltwater aquifers can be desalinated using SunDrgon water purifiers, producing distilled water through the evaporative process, one of the few practical practices to remove nitrates, chloride, and other salts.

Waste water is the issue in the desalination process. All wastewater is an issue. What to do with desalination brine water in the desert? Brine water disposal is regulated by existing laws and pending laws for small water utilities, agriculture, home owners and anyone who produces waste water of any type.

Are you interested in a small stand alone SunDragon solar evaporator system that can produce up to 2500 gpd or a large system that can produce 100,000+ gpd?

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